Anxious mind be still……

You can choose to calm your mind, you really can. If you tend to panic then know that your default is to cling to the ceiling when something or someone evokes a reaction within you. The hypersensitivity and speed with which you react means you have little time to defuse- so start to notice earlier. Before the physiological symptoms start to elevate. That ‘odd feeling’, the flicker of something stirring, a hot neck maybe? Take control of the feeling before it can take you from 0-10 and up into the terrifying realms of the panic attack.

Aim for the magic number 5 . visualise it; that dial coming down towards safety and calm. Breathing slowly and deliberately. One hand on your chest , one on your stomach- you’re ok. Ground under your feet, firm and solid. You have been here before, many times, it always passes. Own it, deal with it, make it humbled. You really can you know. The more you do this the less it will appear and one day you will be panic free.


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