Voices within…….

‘Do you think that’s a good idea?’………..”Mmmm You are probably right. Leave it a while and think about it- good call…….’

This is the kind of conversation I have in my head with my inner me several times a day. But there is another less positive side to the ‘inner voice’. Rarely do I pat myself on the back and say, ‘J, That was a job well done’. When others’ say those words or similar,, I usually choose to ignore them. Why?  Because I seem to listen to the negative and I choose to ignore the positive . Maybe my past from childhood and up, have embedded some kind of default position in what I can accept about myself. I can give praise but I can not take it.  Possibly rejection, many moons ago has taken some  kind of toll upon my ability to challenge the negative and accept the positive. Whatever the reasons I want to be happy and content here and now; and I can be.

When my mood is low or my anxiety is high, unless I use strategies to break the cycle I too, can succumb to those horrendous down moments. The ‘rollercoaster ‘of emotions (some people love the thrill of the ride), the black dog ( when we all know Black labradors are fun and positive creatures!), depression (a temporary dent in something, in this case us), all oft used terms these days.

But, what I do know is that I have learned to recognise and then adjust my thinking a little to reduce or even dispel those down or anxious thoughts. It takes real courage and determination sometimes as those inner voices , or in my case ‘loud thoughts’ can be very insistent and appear to have right on their side. But when I challenge and seek out the evidence they often disappear into thin air as they are based upon my own insecurities and feelings of lack of self-worth.

If the voices are loud, drown them out with music or radio. Encourage positive thoughts and look for your strengths. You have many, as the negative voices are there as result of life events and encounters you have survived! It is difficult but it can be done.

Seek help of others. Everyone has a voice(s) inside their head, it is simply that for some the voices get too loud or insistent and unhelpful, for others the voices are nurturing and helpful. The very nature of  consciousness means we have conversations in our heads all the time. Your body, your mind, your voice(s). Take control and work on your  inner voice(s) by challenging the evidence and give yourself a break by being your own supportive friend rather than the enemy.



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