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The Office

waiting time in between clients/patients feels better maybe due to the beach vibe going on around here……OTT? Not on my watch. Loving the improved look personally. The Working environment can make a positive difference to our day. Worth the investment if you can.

A touch of Danish Hygge at work I say( my landlord is Danish……).


Sunday Morning musings…….

pexels-photo-641038.jpegHaven’t been on top form lately. Not practising the self care I preach to clients.

Feeling older than my 57 years( 58 in May), knees creaking again due to the several extra pounds I’ve slipped on ( comfort stress eating), lack-lustre complexion( not vanity just a tell-tale sign for me that all is not well).

So, Sunday morning still in pjs at ridulous o’clock , even though  it’s chilly outside, the sun is shining, the birds are singing. The dog ( she who must be obeyed), is hinting that it might be a good time to venture out, but getting dressed seems like a real task.

I have lots of people to see this coming week. Probably too many if I’m honest. I notice my ability to say no diminishes as my resilience fades- it should be the other way around.

I will eventually tell myself to heave my heavy backside out of the bed ( I know how to kick me when I’m down), but that means the day begins and I’m not keen to start. When life closes in we lose the joy of it. I know full well that once I’m up and dressed for the cold & I step outside and move my body and breathe in the chill air & feel the sun on my face I will feel better. So why am I so reluctant today? Infact when I think of it most days lately.

Lits has been going on , the usual worries of life but some biggies lately gnawing away at my usual fairly good resilience. I have broad shoulders , I can often find solutions where others can’t. Today, and yesterday, and the few days before that, it’s not how I’m thinking. My mind has turned to sludge( obviously not completely as I’m writing this).

I think the best thing to do is to let it happen as it will. Accept this is how I feel. I recall feeling similar in the past and I fought it, and it clung on a bit. So today I’ll just accept it’s how I am and just do what I  Can for now. I’ll deal with tomorrow when it comes.

plan: early night, get up a bit earlier tomorrow to face the day and what it brings.



Without hope we feel, and sometimes are, done for. If you are in despair and everything seems impossible, just STOP!

Do something, anything that moves you around a bit. Something that requires a bit of puff maybe? Then Take a deep breath, hold it and feel the tension in your body, then exhale slowly , deeply , sigh as you do it. Feel the difference.

Remember the last time you smiled or better stil laughed. If you can’t look at some photographs of better times. Know that nothing stays the same, EVERYTHING changes. If you are down it will lift at some point. It always does.

More Breaks More of the Time! 

Well that’s the plan anyway…… intense periods of work require intense periods of reflection and rest.  So think about how you are feeling right now? Are you stretching yourself beyond your limits to get that deadline over the finish line. If you are it’s too late , the damage is done ,for now ,but next time think about balance . Research tells us we perform better with regular and timely breaks . Our brains absorb more with a change of activity or environment. 

Other people’s pain……

I hold it most days and take it in my stride. I am not special, I just have the ability to hold others’ emotional pain and dark thoughts. It’s not a gift, it’s just the way it is. I have learned that sometimes it feels too heavy and I have to find ways of getting my verve back- not too often thankfully, but I can step away for a nano second and recharge and get right back to it.  Maybe it’s a good way of reducing my own pain ? I could analyse it til the cows come home. But it’s a privilege and a wonder to share others’ pain or fear and accompany them through some of it. Sometimes I witness a lifting , a diluting, a change or an acceptance and then there is the reward. It feels good doing the job I do. I am lucky to have found my vocation.